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About 1215 Metalworks studio

In the late 18th century, pioneers broke ground around North Grenville and its surroundings. Farms sprung up around small communities and craftsmen fashioned incredible buildings, homes and barns with the most basic of hand tools. Many of these craftsmen were carpenters who specialized in building with large dimensional lumber. The hand hewn post and beam barns were originally conceived and perfected in Europe but soon found a home here in the colonies too.

Like many other farms in the area, the one at 1215 Whitney road was a working farm for the first 100 or more years. The barn itself was home to many types of livestock and a storage space using the usual hay mow and silos of the era.

When the original family sold the farmstead, the barn fell into a complete state of disrepair. Trees grew out of the silos, rot took hold of the siding and floors. A variety of furry creatures called it home. However, the original beams, made of solid Hemlock, stood strong in spite of the general state of abandonment.

One afternoon in 2010, a prospective buyer of the property simply fell in love with the barn itself and its artistic possibilities it could bestow should it be renovated. Engineers were acquired, permits obtained and work began. The original plan was to turn this beautiful structure into an art/music studio. Proudly, steadily and after many years of sweat, it became a creative space to display all of 1215 Metalworks's forged creations. 

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