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1215 Metalworks is fondly dedicated to all of the people who have been a part of my musical life for as long as I can remember. They, each in their own way, have been the inspiration behind this barn studio project.

One person stands out amongst many and should be mentioned first. The late Levon Helm. His influence on my musical journey and the original inspiration for the barn project starts in Woodstock and in his music. Thank you Levon.

Special thanks to my Dad who was here right from the first drop of the hammer. My Mom who lovingly kept us fed and pampered. My friends, teachers, bandmates and family, who have in some way helped inspire this project to take shape over the last 6 years. All my family and friends here and out West or even back in Wales and Italy: Remo, Ruth, Barbara, Dennis and Ted Jones, Isidoro Tedeschini, John, Katie, Luke and Charlie, Paul Tedeschini, Eric Gaulity, Kelly, Ella, Charlie, Tim and Francine.

A special thanks to my musical friends and companions along the way. Mike and Steve Myers, Marc Cole, David and Domi Walker, Marc “El Tonnero” Dube, Joe Lawrence, Tom Macdonald, The Bologna brothers Eddy, Barry and John. Special thanks to Steve Hollingworth, Chuck Burrows and Angela who all suffered through the early noise. Finally thanks to Mitch, Ginger, John, Neil, Danny and just about anyone who has played in a band between 1961 and now.


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